Travel Health

We provide effective and thorough travel advice and consultation that takes your medical background into account before cross evaluating your trip details, duration, and predicted activities in order to produce highly informed advice and information.

Travel Selfie

It is recommended that an appointment is made 4 to 6 weeks prior to departure, however travellers will benefit from advice and vaccines right up to your departure date.

Capstone Health is an Australian Government Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and all vaccines, medication and specialised medical kits are stored on site for your convenience.

From surfers to trekkers, back-packers to “flash-packers”, business executives to aid workers; Capstone Health is your one-stop travel medicine solution.

You can go your own way…but prepare with Capstone Health first

Travel advice and consultation

Our medical practitioners draw on their wealth of experience to provide travel advice and consultation that will allow for piece of mind when overseas.


We can deliver:

  • Medical history analysis

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk management advice

  • Self-treatment information

Travel Vaccinations

We stock and prescribe comprehensive Travel Vaccinations including Yellow Fever with International Certificate of Vaccination.

All of our vaccines and travel medications are stored on-site and administered or dispensed at the time of consultation for your convenience.

Our experience ensures you are prescribed only the vaccines you will need . Our vaccines are purchased in bulk allowing competitive prices and eliminating the need for a repeat trip to your general practitioner for administration.

Did you know? You’ll often receive less vaccines at an experienced Travel Medicine clinic; the recommendations are directly applicable to the specifics of your trip; not simply based on an internet download or generic destination advice.

Our vaccination nurses are experienced, understanding and gentle – the best in the business! Trust Capstone Health with your vaccination experience.