Mining Telehealth systems have assisted a significant number of employees to get diagnosed, treated and able to maintain capability on site that would have previously been flown or driven to off-site medical centres.


Telehealth consults

This improves outcomes for the injured worker as well as  reduces critical risks involved with road transport and fatigue for Emergency Response staff

Proven Return on Investment

  • Savings in lost productivity and transport costs

  • Savings through the elimination of even one medivac flight

  • Review of treatment options and injury classification management

  • Savings through the reduction of claim costs and workers compensation premiums

  • Trusted with supporting some of Australia’s biggest companies for over 10 years

Telehealth 24/7 Service

  • High Level medical advice delivered anywhere at anytime

  • Clinical governance and onsite support of site medics and health staff

  • Full software and hardware and medical and mobile  devices

  • Wifi and/or 3G – 5G Cellular compatibility

  • Fully integrated with site Poisons Permit clinical governance processes

Capstone Health provides telehealth support to some of the most remote medical sites in the country; contact us for testimonials from our committed and satisfied industry partners.