Medical Personnel

Capstone Health delivers a complete solution for your medical personnel.  

We have placed personnel as individuals for relief or as a complete emergency response and medical team which comprised of over 60 personnel on one site.


Key Highlights of our Medical Personnel

  • 80 Medical and ER active personnel  

  • WA, QLD, SA and NT  based recruitment / mobilisation / administration   

  • Proprietary roster management systems

  • Robust recruitment and onboarding process

  • Training and qualification register

  • HR management / employee assistance programs (EAP)

  • Accessible Timesheet / Payroll management

Our personnel have experience of a wide range of situations and site conditions including, but not limited to :

  • Ports Facilities

  • Remote Sites – exploration, construction and operational phases

  • Rail

  • Offshore and Marine

  • Aviation facilities / Airports

  • Construction

Our Key Professional Personnel Include

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Paramedics

  • ESO - Firefighters

Medical Emergency Services Officers (MESO)

As well as holding a full suite of emergency response skills selected ESO’s are also trained to a higher level of medical understanding such as Certificate IV in Healthcare (Ambulance) or Industrial Medic to enable them to support a patient until they can be transported to a hospital, airport or local Paramedics attend the scene.

Medical Officers

Our Doctors, Paramedics and Registered Nurses deliver the highest level of professional response to any emergency situation as well as delivering ongoing clinical management, staff health and wellness programmes. Our medical officers have diverse and experienced backgrounds, encompassing on-road experience, clinical pre-hospital skills, rescue, mine, offshore and marine medical experience and hospital-based care credentials.


These qualified health care professionals are experienced in working independently in remote locations with minimal medical supervision.

Typical key duties of a Capstone Medical Officer depending on qualifications :

  • Daily management of site medical centre.

  • Provide critical emergency care under remote conditions.

  • Management of poison permit and liaising with medical direction.

  • Maintain effective levels of medical stock including all scheduled drugs up to S8.

  • Management of return to work programs needed by the workforce.

  • On call 24/7 to provide welfare checks and emergency callouts.

  • Promoting positive safe work culture through site initiatives and toolbox health topics.

  • Conduct basic first aid training for the workforce.

  • Ensure correct reporting of all required medical and OHS statistics.

  • Conducting ECG’s, Hydration testing and FFW testing.

  • Compile and report medical and injury statistics

Our Medical officers have access to off-site Doctor Assistance and are complimented by specialist equipment required to provide leading-edge medical services for the treatment of high risk environment work-related and non-work related injuries and illnesses.