Employment Medicals

Capstone Health’s core business is the provision of effective Occupational Medical services, including health surveillance programs and pre-employment medicals.


We perform all manner of industry specific medicals using our own accredited and registered doctors:

  • Pre-employment and Periodic Medical programs

  • Rail Medicals and AHP/CMO services

  • Commercial Drivers

  • Emergency Response (ERT) and Mines Rescue Medicals

  • OGUK

  • Seafarer Medicals

  • Commercial Diving Medicals (SPUMS approved: AS/NZS 2299.1-2015)

  • Bosiet / TBosiet / HUET

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) signoff and reporting

Due to the high quality and consistency of our programs and risk based advice, Capstone Health is the preferred operational and strategic medical provider for a number of blue chip resource companies.

Our expertise has national reach (clinic, site-based, and digital delivery modules) with centralised quality management structure so the process is managed and overseen by Capstone Occupational Medical Professionals.